Joseph Sacher co-moderates second bankers roundtable

Joseph A. Sacher

  MIAMI – Attorney Joseph A. Sacher, of the law firm Sacher, Zelman, Hartman, Paul, Beiley & Sacher, P.A., recently co-moderated the Florida International Bankers Association’s (FIBA) second Broker-Dealer Roundtable. The event was hosted by Veris Consulting. Joseph Sacher also co-moderated the first Roundtable event held this past June and sponsored by KPMG. The participants were mostly comprised of banking and broker-dealer representatives for local and international banks and broker-dealers. The Roundtables included lively, interactive  discussions concerning topics such as Foreign Finders, Recent Enforcement Actions, and other current Regulatory “Hot Topics” that impact the South Florida Broker-Dealer community. In particular, much of the discussion was devoted to increased scrutiny by the regulatory community (FINRA and SEC), the growing number of … [Read more...]

Sacks Model: A New Investment Variable with Class Action Implications


By DOTTIE PARIS, Features Editor -- BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- An algorithm invented by a retired stockbroker has caught the eye of the investment world. Seymour Sacks, inventor of The Sacks Equalization Model, says bringing his creation to fruition satisfied a longtime curiosity of his, and will also help the investment world "level the playing field" in mutual fund investing. “My algorithm is a remedy for unequal pricing of mutual fund shares," Sacks said. "And the industry had better equalize its pricing or risk lawsuits when unfair pricing policies become more widely known. The Sacks Equalization Model can be found at . At that website is also a paper written by Prof. Miles Livingston of the University of Florida and David Rakowski of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, who said the Sacks Model equalizes pricing by taking into account net asset value of … [Read more...]

U.S. judge blocks key parts of Fla. law regulating voter registration

A federal judge on Thursday blocked key provisions of a ­Florida law regulating groups that organize voter-registration drives, escalating a debate over newly restrictive voter-access laws that have become a major issue in the presidential campaign. The decision by U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle marked the first time a federal jurist has struck down provisions in one of the voting laws passed by nearly 20 states since last year. The laws are a flashpoint in President Obama’s battle for reelection, with hissupporters saying they target minorities and other pro-Obama groups. Republicans say the measures are needed to combat voter fraud. … [Read more...]

Myths vs. Truths in Law Practice

Judd-Plane-3-3 (3)

Over the next few months, The Florida Law Journal will excerpt Judd Kessler's book, "Dangerous Law Practice Myths, Lies and Stupidity" -- the following is what Kessler refers to as Myth #1 The Two-Calendar Myth: Keeping One Calendar is Good, Keeping Two is Better Dick Scott was a gifted child. His parents recognized very early that he was destined for greatness. He skipped a grade in high school, got a full scholarship to a top local law school, graduated summa cum laude, and won the top new associate position at one of the most prestigious law firms in his state. He learned the ropes and was soon hired away by a specialty boutique firm. Having practiced for five years he and a colleague are opening their own firm, Scott & Billings, PC. Arthur Simon has been a friend of and mentor to Dick since the day Arthur was a guest lecturer on Civil Procedure at Dick’s law school. … [Read more...]

Farb joins Kunkel Miller & Hament


Gail E. Farb has joined the Sarasota office of Kunkel Miller & Hament in an of counsel capacity. Farb focuses in labor and employment law representing management.  She is active in the Sarasota Bar Association Labor and Employment section and The Florida Bar. … [Read more...]