Guest Opinion: Anti-Bullying Law Is Really a Social Issue

By JOANNA MARKMAN, Special to Central Florida Law Journal -- CENTRAL FLORIDA -- Florida has finally addressed an issue that has long plagued schools in this state and beyond: The issue of school bullying. The Jeffrey Jones Stand Up For All Students Act (hereinafter referred to as The Act) directs school boards in Florida to adopt anti-bullying policies and includes that those policies must address cyberbullying derision, mocking and name-calling delivered via text messaging, the internet and other technological devices. The Act, among other things, requires the school boards to derive a policy to quickly investigate reports of bullying, provide counseling to the alleged bully or bullies and their victim(s) and promptly report those incidents of bullying to the parents of all the children involved. The statute does not address when or if law enforcement should be involved. In an … [Read more...]