It’s called ‘revenge porn’ and it’s legal in Florida -- WASHINGTON | Annmarie Chiarini's long-distance boyfriend was goading her to pose nude. The pictures would be for his eyes only, Chiarini recalls him saying, because she was so beautiful and because he missed her so much. He promised, she said, they would be stored on a compact disc and hidden in his drawer. Chiarini believed him — until they broke up and the CD was auctioned on eBay with a link emailed to her friends and family. Copies were later mailed to her son's Catholic school kindergarten teacher and the department head at the college where Chiarini taught English. The images eventually wound up on a pornographic video-sharing site, earning 4,000 views in less than two weeks. Read more at … [Read more...]

Florida judge overturns ban on gill net fishing

Ruling could benefit local commercial fishermen HERALD STAFF and WIRE REPORT CORTEZ -- It will be too late for long-defunct fish markets in Cortez, but a Leon County circuit judge's ruling could spell the beginning of the end for the ban on gill net fishing in Florida's coastal waters. In a sweeping judgment in favor of commercial mullet fishermen, Judge Jackie Fulford called contradictions between the ban approved by voters in 1994 and rules adopted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in 1997 to implement it a "legal absurdity," according to a report in the Tallahassee Democrat. She ordered a halt Tuesday to enforcement of Florida's constitutional amendment limiting gill net fishing in state coastal waters, according to the Democrat. Read more here:   … [Read more...]

Hillsborough circuit judge upholds juvenile life sentence

TAMPA — Florida legal authorities do not agree on whether juveniles can be sentenced to life in prison without parole. The Florida Supreme court has not weighed in, and state legislators have not passed any laws to clear the matter. And though one Florida district court of appeal said such a sentence is unconstitutional, that particular court does not cover Tampa. … [Read more...]

Scott: ‘Bold, historic legal action’ as Water Wars pit Fla. v. Ga.

By NANCY SMITH, Sunshine State News -- UPDATED: Gov. Rick Scott is waiting for no one. A day after federal officials issued a disaster declaration for the oyster fishery along the Northwest Florida coast, the Florida governor, with U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., at his side, announced the state of Florida will take historic legal action, filing a lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Georgia’s growing and "unchecked consumption of water." Said Scott, “Because Georgia has not negotiated in good faith to fairly share the waters that flow between our two states, we are announcing today that Florida will bring suit in the U.S. Supreme Court next month to stop Georgia’s unchecked consumption of water that threatens the existence of Apalachicola fisheries and the future economic development of this … [Read more...]

ACLU sues Florida school board over gay-straight club

By Bradenton Herald Staff -- OCALA -- The American Civil Liberties Union sued a Florida school board Wednesday, claiming its delay in allowing the formation of a gay-straight alliance club at a middle school is a violation of free speech and equal access. The ACLU filed the lawsuit against the School Board of Lake County in federal court in Ocala. Efforts by eighth-grader Bayli Silbertstein to Read more     … [Read more...]