The Dirty Dozen Contraindications of Spinal Manipulation


By DR. ANDREW MARK RODGERS, D.C,,M.S.,B.S.,C.F.S. There is a standard of care to be followed that dictates the caution that must be exercised when administering medical spinal manipulation treatments. The medical spinal manipulation can be chiropractic, osteopathic or rendered by other medical or non-medical persons all potentially ending in disastrous results. A definitive diagnosis and prognosis must be reached prior to treatment through a comprehensive history evaluation and examination. There is a systematic medical protocol that must be adhered to. This may even lead to radiological or imaging studies (MRI) prior to spinal manipulative treatment (SMT). Most important in this discovery procedure is to determine if this patient is a candidate for spinal manipulative treatment (SMT). There symptoms may not be coming from spinal or pelvic misalignments. There spinal and or … [Read more...]

Expert Witness Directory

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Expert Witness: Lending a Hand in Real Estate Cases

By JASON STEELE, TFLJ Contributor MELBOURNE -- “Do I need an expert witness in my real estate case?”  This is an important question, and its answer may surprise you.  It is simply, “Yes.” As in many legal cases, the facts in a civil real estate case can be mired in the standards and practices of the industry and it is vital for your success that you and your clients can successfully navigate these facts with confidence. In most civil real estate cases, there is an element of fraud, fraudulent inducement, misrepresentation, or a number of other violations of F.S. chapter 475.  The most common of these include violations of F.S. chapter 475.278, for example, which deals with authorized brokerage relationships, and F.S. chapter 61J2, dealing with the rules. In these cases, the most important testimony given by a expert is on F.S. 475.278, because this chapter clearly … [Read more...]