How To Market a Law Firm For Less Than $500

David Lorenzo

By DAVE LORENZO, Special to The Florida Law Journal CENTRAL FLORIDA -- Whenever a client walks into my office to discuss marketing for his small law firm, the conversation invariably starts with: I dont have enough money, or Where can I get the money to market my services? The reality is that money is not a big problem when it comes to small law firm marketing. You can bootstrap a law business exactly the same way an entrepreneur bootstraps any other start-up. Too many people think of law firm marketing as television advertising, full-page ads in the Yellow Pages, and your face plastered on bus stop benches all over town. While those methods may be effective for some firms, fewif anysolo attorneys or small law firms have the money to use them. It has always been my position that any start-up business needs a marketing plan that is 80 percent hustle, 5 percent … [Read more...]

Law Firm ‘Rainmakers’ In Demand

By David V. Lorenzo -- The first seven months of 2008 were difficult for most law firms. Dan DiPietro, who oversees law firm client relations at Citigroup Inc.'s Citi Private Bank, says that this year will finish up as the worst year for law firms since the 1990s. Most attorneys are notoriously bad at Rainmaking. Many unprofitable law firms have partners, directors, and shareholders (and even individual attorneys) who have fallen into some bad habits when it comes to bringing in new business. So exactly which habits are bad, and how can you avoid them? Here are the seven deadly sins of attorney business development. See how many you recognize: Dont focus on Just One or Two Ways of Attracting New Clients Attorneys are generally looking for a "magic marketing bullet." They want one way to develop a lot of new business. They run an ad and hope that the ad brings in enough new … [Read more...]

Develop a Strategy That Brings Clients To You

CENTRAL FLORIDA -- It happened again. Just last week I received a semi-panicked phone call from a bright, hardworking attorney who had just finished up a highly profitable matter. As he spent the first several minutes of the phone conversation describing the success of this recently completed engagement, I kept thinking that it seemed as though he was trying to justify something. Then it happened. About nine minutes into the conversation, he said: And now that Ive wrapped up this case, I have nothing on the horizon. (Long pause.) Nothing, Dave. At this point, if I were a therapist, a member of the clergy, or even a psychic, I could have said something comforting. Thats what this guy was looking for. He wanted someone to tell him that it would be all right. He was like a fisherman in a sailboat looking at a sky full of heavy, black storm clouds. He wanted to believe that the … [Read more...]