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The Florida Law Journal Editor and Publisher Donna Balancia is a veteran journalist who has always used the latest in technology to deliver her stories.

She was a sports writer in the locker rooms of New York City, she covered the Hollywood Film Business from the red carpet, and worked her way up the ranks to become a top-notch technology and business writer and editor.

The native New Yorker has worked for the most recognized news organizations.

While attending Iona College, Donna covered professional, college and high school sports and music for Gannett, where she was part of the staff that helped innovate technology used by USA Today. She was trained by the company in extensive video and editing technologies and was identified to help build and market its multimedia program.


At the age of 20, Donna worked as a photo researcher at United Press International at a time when the company was undergoing a revolution in news delivery. While at UPI, she helped develop new communications systems to transmit photos from the photo library to overseas clients.

Donna transferred into the UPI sports department, where she used new technologies to file her stories to the newsroom from the ballpark. She helped carry the banner for portable computers and was an early adapter to coaxial and mobile technology.

Working extensively with tourism leaders during her world travels through Asia, Europe and Polynesia, Donna helped strategize innovative forms of cooperative communications ventures with news outlets and researched methodology on how to move news articles, photographs and video across a variety of platforms.

While in Los Angeles, she was part of a consulting team that launched corporate Web sites for a variety of specialty media, including those for entertainment, lifestyle and business niches.

Hollywood Lawsuit

In the early 1990s, Donna was selected from among more than 200 applicants to receive a several thousand-dollar grant from Aaron Spelling to write, direct and edit a three-camera TV comedy pilot based on her life in the newsroom.  The show, “National Spy,” was pitched and then misappropriated by producers, an agency and a network. Donna sued those in the wrong and was awarded two major settlements on the case.

When she returned from extensive world travel, Donna was named San Diego bureau chief for Digital Business magazine where she learned about the legalities in the field of technology.

After her assignment with Digital Business, Donna was recruited by Gannett in 2003 to establish its Orlando-area tourism coverage to compete with Tribune Co.  She was tabbed to lead the newsroom in the conversion to digital media. Donna was mentored by legal experts in amusement park liability and cruise ship, hospitality and insurance issues.

Donna’s stories have run in The New York Post, The New York Times, the Associated Press, BusinessWeek and USA Today. In addition to publishing The Florida Law Journal, Donna contributes to national trade, entertainment, and consumer publications today.

Apart from her writing accolades, Donna has won awards and recognition for her media consulting endeavors, her charity work, and several special projects. Her father is a well-regarded New York attorney and she has a love for the law.

She can be emailed at lawscribe@yahoo.com