Brockovich: ‘We Have Your Back’ On Whirlpool Groundwater Issue

By Chad Hunter Times Record • A standing-room only crowd, many former Whirlpool employees, was assured Tuesday by environmental activist Erin Brockovich that she will investigate contamination in and around the now-vacant refrigerator plant. “This is going on across America,” Brockovich said. “I’m getting sick of it. What’s happening is people and communities are getting sick of it, as well. “We have your back.” Brockovich and associate Bob Bowcock, an environmental investigator, spoke to a crowd of at least 200 people Tuesday night at the Fort Smith Senior Activity Center. Brockovich and her consulting firm turned their attention to Fort Smith on a request from resident Debbie Keith, who lives in a neighborhood just north of the Whirlpool … [Read more...]