Olint Investors get Info for Ponzi Claims

BY DESMOND ALLEN Executive Editor - Operations Jamaica Observer ORLANDO -- The United States Department of Justice yesterday sparked a glimmer of hope for thousands of Jamaicans who lost hundreds of millions of dollars to David Smith’s Olint, one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in recent memory. “Any person who (is) believed to be a victim and wishes to submit a claim for restitution may contact the US Attorney’s office through a special e-mail account,” said Assistant United States Attorney Bruce S Ambrose in a release on the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) website. The e-mail address is ironically named usaflm.david_Smith_ponzi@usdoj.gov after the author of the scheme who yesterday pleaded guilty to four counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, and 18 counts of money laundering, as part of a plea agreement in the Federal District … [Read more...]

Gov. Rick Scott’s rulemaking freeze challenged as unconstitutional

BY JANET ZINK HERALD/TIMES TALLAHASSEE BUREAU TALLAHASSEE -- A blind woman from Miami seeking to reapply for food stamps has filed a petition in the Florida Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of Gov. Rick Scott’s rule-making freeze. The freeze was one of Scott’s first acts as governor, included in an executive order signed less than an hour after his Jan. 4 inauguration. More than 900 rules on their way to approval were affected. Many have received an okay from the governor, but many more are still on hold. Rosalie Whiley, plaintiff in the lawsuit, said one of the stalled rules will make it easier for her to apply for food stamps online. She wants the executive order revoked. “Because of my visual handicap, I have to get someone to come in and put in information for me online. I feel like it’s important for me to do it by myself,” said Whiley, 54, … [Read more...]

Edwards opens Edwards Elder Law PA


Stephanie Edwards has opened Edwards Elder Law PA, located at 2150 1st Avenue N., St. Petersburg 33713. The phone is (727) 209-8282. … [Read more...]

Should You Run? Part 2


  By LOU FREY One of the biggest problems we all have is being honest with ourselves.  All of the following rules are important, and if you have a problem with more than a few, my suggestion is to you - don't run for office. These rules can be found in my book Political Rules of the Road: Representatives, Senators, and Presidents Share Their Rules for Success in Congress, Politics, and Life (University Press). William L. Armstrong - Questions 7 through 20: 7. Are there skeletons in my closet? If there's an embarrassing episode in my background or family history, it's going to come out. How will I cope with such disclosure? 8. Can I stand the pace? Running and serving means long hard hours. Being on a city council or in the legislature or other public office means constant demands on my time for meetings, speeches, etc. Is it realistic for me to add 20 or … [Read more...]

Hernandez Named Treasurer of Cuban Bar Group


Attorney Annie Hernandez of the law firm Pathman Lewis has been installed as treasurer of the Cuban American Bar Association. Hernandez is a senior associate in the litigation department at the Miami-based firm and her practice focuses in commercial lease disputes, title insurance litigation, collection actions, foreclosures and general business litigation. She received her Juris Doctor from University of Miami Law School. Founded in 1974, CABA is a voluntary bar association established to promote equality of its members serve the public interest by increasing awareness of the study of jurisprudence, foster respect for the law, preserve high standards of integrity, honor and professional courtesy among its peers, and provide equal access to and representation of minorities before the courts. … [Read more...]