Appeals Court Reverses $12M Verdict Vs. Archdiocese

Ruling drawstenuous linewhere parents, not schools, are responsible MIAMI - A Florida appeals court has reversed a $12-million verdict, ruling that the archdiocese of Miami and Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School were not liable in a drunken 2001 car crash that killed one student and left another a quadriplegic. Gabriel Maynoldi and his best friend, Michael Sanchez-Agramonte, both 17, had driven away from an unsupervised after-school graduation drinking party at a private home several miles from the school when their car crashed into a tree at more than 80 mph and split in two. Sanchez-Agramonte was killed and Maynoldi, who police determined had been driving drunk, was left quadriplegic with catastrophic brain injuries. At some point, we believe that a schools obligation of reasonable supervision must come to an end and the parent or guardians duty of supervision must … [Read more...]

"Reverse Foreclosure" Makes Banks Accountable to HOA

Ben Solomon

STAFF REPORT MIAMI --A South Florida court decision has paved the way to a legal solution for condominium and homeowners associations to address the under-reported but highly commonplace practice of banks stalling their foreclosures. Association Law Group has created the "reverse foreclosure" procedure in cases where an association has already acquired title to the property by its own foreclosure, but the bank's foreclosure action is still pending or stalled. Under ALG's new reverse foreclosure procedure, the association intentionally admits, in response to the bank's foreclosure lawsuit, that the bank is entitled to take title to the financially upside down unit immediately. Under such procedure, the association knowingly waives its right of redemption and its right to a foreclosure sale, requests the court to grant a partial summary judgment against the association … [Read more...]