Plaintiff: Sugar Suit Sweet For Those With No Voice

EDITOR'S NOTE: An undisclosed settlement was reached between the parties in late 2009 By DONNA BALANCIA WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Diallo Johnson wants to be the voice of the people against U.S. Sugar Corp. These are hard working people employed at U.S. Sugar, said Johnson, a named plaintiff in a class action suit. This is something I had to do for the people who cant come forward, and for me, too. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in West Palm beach, alleges that privately held U.S. Sugar did not disclose to employee shareholders that the company turned down a $575 million buyout offer on two occasions. Over the past three or four years the employees price per share has ranged from $194 to $200 in fair market value, said Curtis Miner, a partner at Coral Gables-based Colson Hicks Eidson. Back in August of 2005 an outside group made an offer to purchase the company … [Read more...]

Guest Opinion: Anti-Bullying Law Is Really a Social Issue

By JOANNA MARKMAN, Special to Central Florida Law Journal -- CENTRAL FLORIDA -- Florida has finally addressed an issue that has long plagued schools in this state and beyond: The issue of school bullying. The Jeffrey Jones Stand Up For All Students Act (hereinafter referred to as The Act) directs school boards in Florida to adopt anti-bullying policies and includes that those policies must address cyberbullying derision, mocking and name-calling delivered via text messaging, the internet and other technological devices. The Act, among other things, requires the school boards to derive a policy to quickly investigate reports of bullying, provide counseling to the alleged bully or bullies and their victim(s) and promptly report those incidents of bullying to the parents of all the children involved. The statute does not address when or if law enforcement should be involved. In an … [Read more...]

Florida Gets $9.8M Share Of Walgreen’s Settlement

The State of Florida has been awarded more than $9.8 million from a $35 million multi-state settlement the feds made with Walgreen Co. over allegations by a pharmacist that it defrauded Medicaid patients by switching prescriptions. Pharmacist Bernard Lisitza of Chicago alleged the pharmacies were charging the government as much as five times more for Medicaid patients by switching dosage forms. Officials from the Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co. denied liability, wrongdoing by settling, saying that the company wanted to avoid more expense. "Walgreens believes the reimbursements it received from Medicaid were consistent with applicable regulations," the company said in a statement. Lisitza worked at an independent pharmacy that filled prescriptions transferred from Walgreen and other pharmacies. The switching activity allegedly went from July of 2001 to December of … [Read more...]

Use The Internet To Maximize Your Promotions

By ANDREW WETZLER CENTRAL FLORIDA -- For most legal professionals, marketing through the Internet is a bit of a mystery. There was a time when just being listed in the yellow pages was enough for the phone to ring. But in todays highly competitive world of instant online information and communication, just hanging out the shingle is not enough. For many years, simple presence in the legal field was enough to be successful and earn a significant living. Today a much broader strategy needs to be utilized, just to stay on the playing field. In an e-commerce environment the focus or goal of a Website is encouraging the site visitor to buy something. Since that approach is not workable for lawyers, the most critical objective is to capture the contact information from a visitor so that a pipeline of prospective clients can be developed. While the gist of this article is about … [Read more...]

Suit Alleges Elvis Photo Has Left The Building

By DONNA BALANCIA -- WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- David Rustine, who bought The National Enquirer's anthrax-infected former headquarters in Boca Raton, has filed a lawsuit against a decontamination company seeking $1 million or a valuable photo of Elvis in the casket, which he claims the company has, or has destroyed. In a suit filed in federal court, Rustine claims cleaner Sabre Technical Services has the black-and-white close-up photo of a dead Elvis, a record-setting cover shot for the Enquirer back in 1977. But Sabre said the photo was destroyed during the decontamination process and the owner of the company, John Mason, has filed a countersuit. In 2001, Enquirer Photo Editor Bob Stevens opened a letter that held anthrax spores that killed him and contaminated the building owned by American Media Inc., the Enquirers parent company. The perpetrator was never found. New … [Read more...]