Legal-Ease by Glen-Peter Ahlers: ‘Clip Clop’

Sometimes this column almost writes itself. ┬áIt's legal and yet it's at ease. The law at the slow, clip clop pace of the heros horse in the old Westerns. You know him; coming in after weeks on the range. Our hero is dry, dusty, thirsty, and ready for a fight. So is the town. Unsavory gunmen may anticipate his arrival, but our dusty hero takes his time as if to draw strength from his shot of courage at the salon. Our hero, like the law is rarely swift to action, but both are deliberate. Oftentimes the townspeople come out from their hiding places only after the heros triumph, and they say, we knews you cud do it. I say, buy the hero a drink. Buy our hero a bath and a broad . . . linen bed to lie down upon. And of course, leave the windows wide open and let the curtains fly. No curtains flying for Clint Eastwood today. No broad . . . linen bed for him to lie down upon. No … [Read more...]